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Comparative Politics and the Comparative Method* ARENDLIJPHART University of Leiden Among the several fields or subdisciplines into which the discipline of political science is usually divided, comparative politics is the only one that carries a methodological instead of a substantive label. The term "comparative poli- 1971 Comparative Politics and the Comparative Metho683 d Third, the comparative method is here re-garded as a method of discovering empirical re-lationships among variables, not as a method of measurement. These two kinds of methods should be clearly distinguished. It is the latter that Kalleberg has in mind when he discusses the "logic of comparison." The comparative method is defined and analyzed in terms of its similarities and differences vis-A -vis the experimental and statistical methods.

Comparative politics and the comparative method

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The mainstream method in the US became the statistical method, while Europe followed the comparative trail (experiments only recently becoming more popular on both sides of the Atlantic). Comparative Politics and the Synthetic Control Method Alberto Abadie { Harvard University and NBER Alexis Diamond { International Finance Corporation Jens Hainmueller { Massachusetts Institute of Technology June 2012 Abstract In recent years a widespread consensus has emerged about the necessity of method opens the door to the possibility of precise quantitative inference in comparative case studies, without precluding qualitative approaches to the same data set. One distinctive feature of comparative political science is that the units of analysis are 4This is the \most similar" design in the terminology of Przeworski and Teune (1970) and the The synthetic control method provides a systematic way to choose comparison units in comparative case studies. This systematization opens the door to precise quantitative inference in small‐sample comparative studies, without precluding the application of qualitative approaches.

• Comparative method. Comparative politics is an integral and significant subdiscipline, and one of the three major fields of  Scholars in this subfield use comparative methods to study and compare domestic politics across countries. In this course, we aim to learn about how political  The comparative method focuses primarily on producing empirical generalizations in the form of laws, correlations, models, typologies and classifications.


Studies Social Sciences, Research Methodology, and Political communication. The system of government in modern democratic states can be categorized as The study aims to analyse the systems through a comparative method using a  13-15, reading time, lecture qualitative methods, lecture quantitative papers, lab exercise, lab exercise Rihoux B, Marx A. QCA, 25 Years after “The Comparative Method”: Mapping, Challenges, and Innovations.

Comparative politics and the comparative method

Issues and Methods in Comparative Politics CDON

Comparative politics and the comparative method

He used the knowledge gained for building his theory of politics. Comparative politics is key area in political science, pigeonholed by an empirical approach based on the comparative method. To put it in another way, comparative politics is the study of the domestic politics, political institutions, and conflicts of countries. Comparative Politics: limitations of the comparative method. There are dissimilar methods of reviewing politics other than comparative such as experimental, statistical and case study. All of them have their own advantages and disadvantage. Comparison is a popular research technique which has several benefits and widespread application.

Substantively, this can include questions relating to political institutions, political behavior, conflict, and the causes and consequences of economic development.
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In two articles--this one and another written in 1975--Lijphart advocated greater use of case comparisons as a political research method. In his view, political scientists had embraced large-sample statistical methods. A comparative method for a comparative politics.

Comparative Politics And The Comparative Method 999 Words | 4 Pages. most effective approach to analyzing comparative politics. In “Comparative Politics and the Comparative Method”, Arend Lijphart, perceives a problem viz., the low ebb of “explicit methodological concern and the implicit methodological awareness among students of comparative politics”(681). Comparative politics is key area in political science, pigeonholed by an empirical approach based on the comparative method.
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Westermarck, the Comparative Method and the Question of Context

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